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Prometeo Talent excels in connecting companies with exceptional tech and engineering professionals. Our HR and recruitment services include targeted recruiting, efficient staffing, and flexible outsourcing solutions. Partner with us to enhance your global workforce and drive business success.
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Our Key Metrics

3 - 6 Weeks

Average time to fill tech roles

3 Months

Our pay per hire guarantee


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Streamlined 3-Step Recruitment proven process

Discover the efficiency of Prometeo Talent's recruitment process, expertly designed to connect your tech company with exceptional professionals, both technical and non-technical, across Latin America and beyond. Our streamlined 3-step approach delivers outstanding results while simplifying your hiring experience.


Tailored Recruitment Strategy

We collaborate closely with your company to gain insights into your specific needs, goals, and culture. By understanding your unique requirements, we craft a customized recruitment strategy to identify and attract the perfect tech and non-tech candidates for your organization.


Expert Sourcing & Screening

Tapping into our extensive network and cutting-edge search tools, we efficiently source and meticulously screen potential tech and non-tech candidates for their skills, experience, and cultural fit. Our thorough selection process ensures that we present only the most qualified and compatible professionals for your consideration.


Seamless Candidate Selection & Support

We provide a carefully curated list of top tech and non-tech candidates, assist in coordinating interviews, and offer guidance throughout the decision-making process. Should you require onboarding support, we are available to facilitate a smooth transition for both your company and the new hire, ensuring their success from day one.

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Flexible Hiring Solutions Tailored to Your Specific Needs

Pay Per Hire

Experience worry-free recruitment as our expert team manages the entire process, from sourcing to screening and presenting top-qualified candidates for your business. With our Pay Per Hire model, you only pay for the talent you hire.

Pay Per Month

Incorporate our skilled recruiters into your team as they work closely with you to develop and implement talent acquisition strategies that align with your company's objectives. With a fixed monthly fee, we'll handle all your recruitment needs from sourcing to onboarding.

Pay Per Hour

Gain access to our experienced professionals on an hourly basis with our Pay Per Hour model. Benefit from a range of flexible consulting services, including talent strategy development, onboarding, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and more.

Why Us

Unlock the full potential of Latin American Tech and Engineering talent

As the premier Latin American tech and engineering recruitment agency, we excel at identifying, attracting, and hiring top-tier IT professionals to build strong, dependable teams across the region and beyond.

“Exceptional talent has the power to change the world. At Prometeo Talent, our mission is to facilitate that transformation.”

Lorena Prego,
CEO – Prometeo Talent

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Software Development

Full-Stack Developer - JavaScript, Python, React | Tech Industry

Buenos Aires
Data Analyst

Data Analyst - SQL, Python, Tableau | Finance Sector

São Paulo

Cybersecurity Engineer - Incident Response, SIEM, Firewall | Healthcare Industry

Mexico City

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Award-Winning Tech & Engineering Recruitment Services

Prometeo Talent is proud of our accomplishments in providing outstanding tech and engineering recruitment solutions. Our industry awards and recognitions showcase our expertise and dedication to connecting businesses with the best talent in Latin America and beyond. Explore our accolades below and learn why we're a preferred choice for companies seeking exceptional recruitment service.

Global Tech & Engineering Recruitment Success Stories

Delve into the remarkable achievements of Prometeo Talent's tech and engineering recruitment services, which have benefited companies across the US and worldwide. Our clients' success stories reveal how we've connected them with outstanding Latin American talent to fuel their business growth and innovation.

"Not only did they actively participate as one of our staff, but they also provided insights to improve our processes.

With Prometeo Talent's support, the company successfully acquired 50 employees in a single quarter. The team seamlessly blended with the in-house staff and actively cooperated, providing insights for process improvement. Above all, they adapted and respected the client's preferred practices."

Diego Fiorentin

VP of Operations, Halo Media

"We have found in Prometeo a part of our team."

In the first six months since working with the Prometeo team, the company was able to hire 50% of their team. The team's professionalism allowed the company to focus on their business operations at a crucial stage of their growth. The company appreciates how the team tailored their process for them."

Mauricio Pastorini

CEO, Somnio Software

"They have been improving with time. They show better results every month.

There have been 20 successful hires from different countries thanks to Prometeo's work. The team has established good communication between them and the client, enabling regular recruitment updates. With the results thus far, they have proven to have a good understanding of the client's needs."

Micaela Ferreira

HR Manager, SouthWorks

"Working with Prometeo, we always got people and professionals we couldn't get to.

Before partnering with Prometeo, the company relied heavily on social networks and recommendations to find the people they needed with little success. The Prometeo team allowed the company to easily find the professionals with the skills they were looking for. "

Juan Garat

COO, Nexa IT

"The quality of candidates has been excellent.

Prometeo's services so far helped shape the client's vision and accompany the day-to-day continuous improvement model. Their workflow and engagement are incredibly effective and they manage expectations well. The team proactively asks questions and gives useful insights. "

Bruno Bologna

Chief Executive Officer, Kaizen Softworks

"They are feeding the pipeline permanently, which allows us to have a dynamic process of interviews every week.

After two months of collaborating with Prometeo Talent, the company thus far has received excellent candidates for their pipeline. The team interfaces in Greenhouse and uploads the nominees, enabling the client to manage the entire acquisition process. Overall, their constant support stands out. "

Vanesa Altmark

Senior Talent Acquisition Partner, R/GA

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Meet the experts behind our success.

Tania Aguirre

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Lorena Prego

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Ana Cedeira

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Carolina Báez

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Master Tech Recruitment with Insights from Our Expert Blog

Discover cutting-edge insights on tech and non-tech recruitment in Latin America and beyond through Prometeo Talent's expert blog. Our informative articles delve into industry trends, best practices, and actionable advice to help you optimize your hiring strategies and attract exceptional talent.

Welcome aboard! Today, we're going to chat about a hot topic that's on everyone's lips in the business world: how can we transform our hiring process to meet the changing landscape of talent acquisition?

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The modern business landscape is in a constant state of evolution, making it critical for talent acquisition to extend beyond simply occupying vacancies. Strategic recruitment now stands as a catalyst for business innovation. As innovative thinking emerges as a vital asset, it's fundamentally transforming various industries across the globe. So, what's the secret to leveraging strategic recruitment for this essential business metamorphosis?

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In recent times, a new kind of tempest has stirred in the technology world - the tech talent shortage. This storm isn't confined to one area but is particularly aggressive in Latin America. It may have you scratching your head, wondering, "How do we steer through this storm?" Fear not, we are here to chart a clear path through these tumultuous seas. Let's delve into this enthralling voyage.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Tech Recruitment Services

What services does Prometeo Talent offer for IT recruitment?

Prometeo Talent specializes in IT recruitment, providing a wide range of services, including end-to-end recruitment process management, technical talent sourcing, headhunting, candidate filtering, screening, employer branding, HR analytics, global talent insights, tech recruitment training, relocation assistance, flexible workspace solutions, payroll management, and employee support.

Which industries and roles does Prometeo Talent cover in its tech recruitment services?

Our IT recruitment expertise spans various technologies and positions, such as software development, data science, testing, quality assurance, infrastructure services, design, project management, marketing, communications, business management, and more.

What flexible hiring solutions does Prometeo Talent offer for tech recruitment?

We provide three customizable hiring solutions for IT recruitment: Pay per Hire, Pay per Month (RPO), and Pay per Hour. Each model caters to different budgets and requirements, enabling clients to select the most suitable option for their needs. For detailed information on our fee structure, please contact us directly.

How does Prometeo Talent ensure cost-effective IT recruitment solutions?

Our flexible hiring solutions are tailored to different budgets and requirements, allowing clients to choose the most suitable option for their IT recruitment needs. We collaborate closely with clients to deliver personalized recruitment services while maintaining cost-efficiency.

How does Prometeo Talent approach the IT recruitment process?

We work closely with clients to develop a customized IT recruitment strategy that aligns with their goals and values. This includes sourcing, screening candidates, coordinating interviews, and providing post-hire support to ensure a successful onboarding process.

What are the key success metrics for IT recruitment at Prometeo Talent?

Our IT recruitment success metrics include an average time of 3-6 weeks to fill tech roles, a 3-month guarantee for our Pay Per Hire model, over 5,000 candidates hired, a database of over 150,000 candidates, and successful placements in 27 countries.

How does Prometeo Talent stand out from other IT recruitment agencies?

We distinguish ourselves by delivering personalized and tailored IT recruitment solutions for each client. Our experienced recruiters specialize in the IT industry, possessing a deep understanding of the technical skills required for each role. We also offer additional services to support clients' global teams, such as relocation and mobility support, flexible workspaces, payroll management, and people care.

What advantages do we offer for candidates?

As part of our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services, Prometeo Talent offers onboarding support upon client request. We help new hires integrate smoothly into their roles and the company culture, ensuring long-term success.

How does Prometeo Talent promote diversity and inclusion in IT recruitment?

We provide diversity and inclusion consulting services to foster a more equitable and inclusive workforce in the tech industry. Our expert IT recruiters are trained to identify and mitigate potential biases, ensuring a fair and diverse hiring process.